Safe-T Group’s CyberKick Releases its First Periodic Cyber Threat Report

New Report Highlights Several Social Engineering Attacks and Provides Recommendations to Help Users Avoid Online Scams

HERZLIYA, Israel, June 06, 2022 — Safe-T Group Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: SFET) (“Safe-T” or the “Company”), a global provider of cybersecurity and privacy solutions to consumers and enterprises, today highlighted some of the latest online security threats facing consumers in a new Consumer Online Scam Report published by CyberKick Ltd., its cybersecurity and privacy for consumers unit.

The new report was prepared by CyberKick’s cybersecurity team and was based upon review of malicious activities detected by the firm’s 24x7x365 data analysis program. Highlighted in the report are a list of several social engineering scams currently circulating in cyberspace including:

· The Google Voice Scam: In this scam, fraudsters will utilize a phone number displayed online (such as when posting items for sale), contacting the target, and sending a verification code from Google Voice (their virtual phone and text service) asking the individual to confirm the code to steal their voice identity.
· Fake-Job Fraud: In this scam, fraudsters will collect an individual’s contact info and personal details from job sites and pretend to be a recruiter. They will call, email, text or reach out to their targets on social media with high-salary or fake work at home jobs. They will sometimes attempt to get additional information from the target and try to convince them to send money for bogus home-office setups or the payment of fake fees.
· Fake Amazon Employees – In this scam, fraudsters will attempt to impersonate an Amazon employee, often calling, texting, emailing and/or sending social media messages to targets about suspicious account activity, raffles, or unauthorized purchases and asking for sensitive account information (including credit card details).

“It’s safe to say that advanced and sophisticated cyberattacks are no longer just a threat to enterprises as millions of consumers are becoming targets,” said Eitan Bremler, VP Product Strategy, Marketing at Safe-T. “As a company dedicated to helping consumers defend against the ever-present threat of cybercrime, we are committed to assisting the public in remaining informed and up to date on new cyber threats. Through educational resources such as our Consumer Online Scam Report and the development of an array of cybersecurity and privacy products, we are doing our part to protect millions of consumers from becoming the next victim.”

The full copy of the report can be found here. For more information on CyberKick products and solutions and how to avoid falling victim to online threats, please visit:

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Safe-T Group Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: SFET) is a global provider of cybersecurity and privacy solutions to consumers and enterprises. The Company operates in three distinct segments, tailoring solutions according to specific needs. The segments include, enterprise cyber-security solutions, enterprise privacy solutions, and consumer cyber-security and privacy solutions.

Our cybersecurity and privacy solutions for consumers provide a wide security blanket against ransomware, viruses, phishing, and other online threats, as well as a powerful, secured and encrypted connection, masking their online activity and keeping them safe from hackers. The solutions are designed for both advanced and basic users, ensuring full protection for all personal and digital information.

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